who we work for

clients and partners seeking measurable impact improvement

c-level executives

We enable C-Level executives to transform learning into measurable business impact.

We facilitate the change you need to achieve operational excellence in skill development, onboarding, off-boarding and talent management. Through analytics, we enable you to make data-driven decisions on learning investments and track your bottom-line performance improvements.

We can provide leadership development support through our established partner network that has trained 25000 global organisation over the past 30 years.

We enable your transformation towards a digital learning culture that maximises your agility in skill requirements to ever-faster changing market environments through lean startup approaches.


sales leaders

We enable sales leaders to transform sales capabilities into improved sales performance.

We enable you to train your sales force most effectively and efficiently on your product knowledge and your sales process. Our industry recognised results in training excellence, will help you drive sales upward and onward.

When you are transforming your sales force from product moving to solution selling, we can provide support through our established partner network that has trained 2000 global organisation over the past 30 years.

change leaders

We enable change leaders to transform skills at the scale needed to execute their change strategies successfully.

We enable you to identify the current skill set in your organisation, show you how to identify the future skills that are needed and the most effective roadmap to ensure a successful change program.

We customise our approaches to your culture and transformation challenges, so that you can accelerate your delivery.



We enable procurement departments to select the corporate learning solutions and tools that are right for your organisation at the right purchase condition.

Procurement of new software tools is a challenge for any organisation. Not only are there evermore great solution providers, making it challenging to select the right partner, but also to get the internal budget approval from the board to enable your transformation.

We enable your organisation to make an informed decision based on what your organisation needs, not what it wants. We facilitate this process by analysing internal requirements, evaluating solution providers and providing you with a simplified, data-driven business case for selecting the best solution provider.

head of learning

We enable chief learning officers/head of learning to transform learning into business impact successfully.

Our track record in transforming learning organisations can facilitate your transformation at any stage, from developing first concepts to getting the buy-in from the C-Suite to successfully driving adoption and changing towards a learning organisation.

Our network of industry-leading Chief Learning Officers can provide you with inspiration and guidance in the areas where you can benefit most.

Start transforming your Corporate Learning to create business impact.