The Need for Disrupting Corporate Learning

Why does corporate learning need to change? Aren’t they doing just fine? Well, actually no, they generally are not. C-Suite executives find it hard to build the bridge to Corporate L&D and make them drive more business impact. Significant external forces push the C-Suite that recruitment can’t handle on its own anymore.

Major influencing forces for the coming years

Four megatrends force organisations to rethink how they are doing business, and as a result, also how corporate learning will be able to support the business in the new reality.

  • Digitalisation
  • Globalisation
  • Information Transparency and Speed
  • The Ageing Workfoce

What blocks the transformation of corporate learning?

Corporate learning, as a whole, has not experienced yet developing towards professional maturity as Human Resources has seen in the past years. Organisations could get enough new skills from the market, and learning was mostly seen as a way to retain employees that considered leaving. This resulted in a warped understanding at all levels of the organisation of what corporate learning actually should be. This mindset change is the key to be addressed first.

What competitive advantages can a transformed corporate learning deliver?

Some of the significant advantages and by combining those competitive advantages can be:

  • Making employees productive faster.
  • Combining learning & innovation process to drive growth
  • Breaking down knowledge silos
  • Enabling cross-collaboration
  • Creating new revenue streams through corporate learning

The possibilities that are created by transforming corporate learning and aligning it with business strategy can be concretely aligned to improving value propositions and customer experiences.

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