Stop Wasting Money on Digital Learning Solutions!

Has the Coronavirus crisis also forced your organisation to switch to digital learning within a matter of days? Are you feverishly looking for a digital learning platform to solve your immediate need? Don’t buy anything before you read this article: it might save you upwards of €100.000.


In my article “Switch to Digital“, I have explained how you switch to digital learning at €0 cost, most likely even using your existing infrastructure. If you have not read this article yet, I recommend you to do so now. It gives you very pragmatic advice on how to use our online meeting tool to host either a webinar or a reverse virtual classroom. Two very effective and scalable digital learning solutions that don’t cost you anything and are available right now.


I have experienced many times how buying software solutions turn into highly emotional discussions. The real issue is not what solution is being purchased, but the (lack of) vision that an organisation wants to achieve with their new learning software. There is an English saying that goes like this: “a fool with a tool, is still a fool”. The core lays in that without having a plan or vision of where you want your learning culture to move towards to, it doesn’t make sense to purchase any new digital learning solution.

Another common issue I have found is that when software requirements are being gathered, we get lists with requests that fill all of the latest corporate learning / human capital trends though these trends do not have a one-to-one match with what your organisation truly needs today or in the future.

When selecting a digital learning solution, think first about the future vision you want to see happen for your corporate learning department. Yes, that requires time and effort and is probably exactly what you don’t have the luxury to afford right now. That is why I strongly recommend going for free digital learning options in the meantime to “extinguish the immediate fire”. 

Choosing a free option that is immediately available demonstrates your business acumen. An excellent opportunity to start building a better relationship between the business and the corporate learning team. This will open doors in the future for improved collaboration and can be a first step in closing the gap between business and learning strategy.


Purchasing a digital learning solution is very easy. Just go to Fosway and look at their 9-Grid Learning Systems analysis. Pick ten names, browse their websites, invite five vendors for doing presentations, get test access to 3 platforms and buy the one you like best. Let procurement negotiate a better price and get your implementation team started.

Though this process sounds logical and many companies are following such an approach, you are setting yourself up for failure. You need to have a vision for your digital learning culture first, that a tool is enabling you to implement and execute faster. Then you need to involve end-users in a user acceptance test to know if the solution can fit into your company culture. You need to run a pilot with a small, diverse audience (at least 20 people) to get an understanding of what daily operations could look like. Do A-B tests if possible, where you compare your current solution with the new tool you are wanting to buy for a heads-on comparison. In parallel, you can have procurement and legal do their due diligence. If all these checks and tests are fine, you can then go ahead with procuring the solution.


Switching on the software is again “easy”, though a lot of vendors speak about “easy” integration it always turns into a bigger challenge than anticipated in the sales process. Getting your employees to use the software is a whole different challenge. You need to create a 12- to 18-month change management roadmap that details precisely how you plan to drive learning engagement with this new software. Without a structured approach, it will be impossible to get the critical mass needed for this tool to become a part of people’s daily routine. And without getting enough employees to use the digital learning solution, you will not be able to secure your return on investment.


We prefer to enable you to do everything by yourself. See us as your coach that guides you towards your best possible performance. With our support, you can rest assured that you only purchase the digital learning solutions that can achieve mass adoption and contribute to business success in your organisation.

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