Report: Corporate University & Learning Summit, Barcelona

I attended the 2nd Annual Corporate University & Corporate Learning Summit on 30 & 31 March 2017 to discover the latest developments in corporate universities (CU) and corporate learning (CL). My goal was to gather additional design inputs for the ENT Academy Business Model and our Value Propositions. This is a brief report of my observations.

Why Digital Age Learning? Driving forces:

  • We live in the digital age today!
    • Society based information and computerisation
    • Democration of information = shift in the distribution of power
    • Too much information for anybody to handle, obsolescence of information accelerates
  • The era of the Empowered Customer
    • Just-in-time decision making on the right product at the right time
    • The consumer controls the interaction/ transaction (no longer the brand)
    • Business have to quickly adapt to survive and remain relevant, disrupt and win
  • The era of the Empowered Continuous Learner
    • Individuals must also adapt their skills to remain relevant
    • Individuals must become life long learners and continuously learn
    • Individuals are overwhelmed, distracted and impatient
  • The science of adult education is evolving
    • We better understand how the brain works, with tangible applications in education
    • The emergence of new needs: the need for learning just in time when the problem arises, easier to identify when in context, and social can enable better and broader learning

What is learning in the digital age?

  • Engaging through an exceptional and relevant learning experience
    • Learner Centric Design and Business Aligned Objectives
  • Empowering, personalised and self-directed
    • Learner drives his/ her development, and learning fits individual needs (one size fits one)
  • Ubiquitous, just-in-time, on-demand and in context
    • Learning supports performance on the job, in relation to specific activities and problems
    • Small learning assets accessible anytime from anywhere
  • A blend of social, experiential, formal and informal
    • The right format for the right purpose, mixing formats makes learning more effective
  • Hyper-connected with analytics anywhere
    • Connected and targeted learning to drive effectiveness (that is measured)
  • A continuous learning behaviour
    • Promoting enquiry, exploring and doing, creating a learning culture

How to design & build for digital age learning

  • Connect the learning across the ecosystem
    • Allow the learner to connect to an ecosystem of resources and conversations. Deploy a wide range of tools which enables learning with each other and create powerful connections
  • One size fits One
    • Learners shape their own learning experience as much as they are shaped by it. Use analytics and user insight to drive decisions on how to personalise learning
  • Design for everyday workplace learning
    • Design for just-in-time, bite-sized access, to continuous learning to support the learners Do-Learn-Do mindset.
  • Curate content, create an experience
    • Adopt a curation first approach to learning content. Create a richer learning experience for our ever demanding users
  • Deliver for business & learning alike with agility & speed
    • Adopt new digital methods and tools for deploying learning to deliver high value for the business and greater employability for the learner


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