try. test. fail. repeat. succeed. scale.



Becoming a learning organisation enables sustainable growth in the digital world of tomorrow. Digitalisation drives new organisational structures, changing skill-set requirements and volatile market opportunities. As a result, uncertainty through unclarity at all levels of your organisation stifle internal skill development capabilities.

We steward your learning culture transformation to equip your digitalised organisation. By holistically engaging with all stakeholders, we co-create the right conditions for a learning culture to establish itself. Together, we build your digital, personalised skill-building capabilities.

lean startup workshop

  • 3x 4 Hours
  • Online or on location
  • Maximum 10 participants

Workshop 1: we explain what the lean startup approach is, by giving practical, relevant examples in the area of corporate learning. We create three prototypes of a new learning experience using design thinking and lean UX. These prototypes are then tested with target audiences and feedback is collected and analysed before we continue with the next workshop.

Workshop 2: we review prototype feedback and build a minimum viable product (MVP) that you can implement inside your organisation. We create a feedback and improvement loop so that you can quickly iterate using lean UX and agile methodology. Depending on the size of your organisation, it will make sense to test the MVP in multiple departments to remove adoption challenges.

Workshop 3: we create a growth hacking approach that drives adoption and engagement of your new learning experience. Using stakeholder and user feedback, analytics, business development and marketing techniques, we will create unique ways for your organisation to embrace the new learning experience fully and continuously develop this.


tool procurement

Buy the solutions and tools that are right for your organisation based on the vision you have for corporate learning.

Procurement of new software tools is a challenge for any organisation. Not only are there evermore great solution providers, making it challenging to select the right partner, but also to get the internal budget approval from the board to enable your transformation.

We enable your organisation to make an informed decision based on what your organisation needs, not what it wants. We facilitate this process by analysing internal requirements, evaluating solution providers and providing you with a simplified, data-driven business case for selecting the best solution provider.


Technically implementing a new solution is only a part of the story. If you want to achieve a real return on investment, your organisation needs to make it a part of their new daily routine.

We support you in creating effective change management programs that remove obstacles and drive adoption in your organisation. We do this through user experience research, user experience design, user acceptance testing, agile improvements, marketing, and growth hacking approaches customised to your organisation.


mindset transformation

Driving a mindset change at scale is a marathon, not a sprint. It starts with your Chief Learning Officer / Head of Learning and the learning team to become the prime example of the learning culture you want to achieve in your organisation.

Your learning department will become the lighthouse project that demonstrates how a mindset change can be successfully achieved. We facilitate this mindset to change through personalised coaching programs and is supported by online learning resources.

Start transforming your Corporate Learning to create business impact.