secure your return on investment


Anchoring a digital learning culture drives your innovation capabilities to create new revenue streams. Falling back into old habits is a common challenge every one of us faces. Acquiring more successful behaviour and translating that into bottom-line business performance improvement requires accountability on all levels in your organisation.

We co-create the governance needed to maximise your return on learning culture investments. Together with your leadership, we establish a 4-way accountability program that secures digital skill-building capabilities and increases your potential to innovate and evolve.


governance workshop

  • 2x 4 Hours
  • Online or on location
  • Maximum 10 participants

Workshop 1: we create a governance framework that creates transparency, accountability and rewards leadership. This framework will impact the organisation, executive, management and employee level. During the workshop, we will identify how to define key performance indicators and share best practices on creating accountability and leadership. After the workshop, you will drive discussions with key stakeholders to build an initial governance framework. Ideally, you will make multiple iterations based on the received feedback.

Workshop 2: we review the framework by challenging it and providing improvement suggestions based on industry best practices. As a final output, you will have a governance model ready to be agreed upon by your C-Suite.

implementation coaching

  • 6x 30 Minutes
  • Online
  • One on One

Driving a mindset change at scale is a marathon, not a sprint. It starts with your Chief Learning Officer / Head of Learning and the learning team to become the prime example of the learning culture you want to achieve in your organisation.

Your learning department will become the lighthouse project that demonstrates how a mindset change can be successfully achieved. We facilitate this mindset to change through personalised coaching programs and is supported by online learning resources.

Once your learning team has the right mindset, they will become the driver to transform the learning mindset of your organisation. In this process, we guide your learning team to drive this mindset change most effectively so that you can experience the real impact of being a learning organisation.

Start transforming your Corporate Learning to create business impact.