rediscover what corporate learning should be


The future of learning is a place full of possibility. It holds both opportunity and risk for both your company culture as well as your competitive advantage. Which future is the right one for you?

We facilitate this rediscovery process by engaging internal stakeholders and external inspirational resources in a pragmatic dialogue. Together, we inspire your organisation to transform towards a digital learning culture fit for your organisation in tomorrow’s world.


rediscovery workshop

  • 2x 4 Hours
  • Online or on location
  • Maximum 16 participants

Workshop 1: we generate as many ideas as possible. Any and each is a good idea, and we facilitate creativity by inspiring participants with both company internal and external insights. There is at least one week grace period before workshop two can take place. This way, there is time for everyone to review and reflect.

Workshop 2: we review all ideas and create a consolidated view with three possible scenarios that could be viable options for your organisation. These three future visions can then be internally challenged and lead to a final future vision of how your corporate learning could be.

business case workshop

  • 3x 4 Hours
  • Online or on location
  • Maximum 8 participants

Workshop 1: we create the framework for the business case that enables the C-Suite to support your learning transformation to business impact. The framework allows identifying which data is needed for supporting the business case and what the output should be.

Workshop 2: we create a stakeholder map to identify key decision-makers and their drivers, how they are interconnected, and what we need to do to get their backing.

Workshop 3: we rehearse the board presentation to get you fit for mastering their challenging and getting their approval to start your transformation.

Start transforming your Corporate Learning to create business impact.