how we work

customised to your culture, driven by measurable impact

customising transformation

We jointly define a 12 – 18-month program roadmap where you want to be and how we will get there.

  • Learning Engagement Toolkit
  • Learning Transformation Skill Set
  • Learning Technology

enabling leadership

Together we prepare management to lead the transformation and be able to coach the organisation for transforming learning into business impact.

  • Coaching teams
  • Governance
  • Subject matter expert mobilisation

training stakeholders

We provide supportive training modules prioritised according to your transformation goals.

  • Driving business value through learning
  • Aligning business strategy and learning strategy
  • Transforming the learning team
  • Successfully implementing your new vision for learning
  • Creating a sustainable and impactful learning culture

driving adoption

We focus on supporting managers and subject matter experts to implement the concepts in their daily routines

  • Reinforcement of new knowledge
  • e-Learning refreshers
  • Social learning
  • Facilitated best-practice sharing sessions

continuously improving

We jointly track the progress of all transformation stakeholders to identify areas of improvement.

  • Learning Analytics
  • Program performance
  • Learning Engagement
  • Growth hacking

Why On Corporate Learning

We are a change agent. We help you transform learning into business impact by implementing a world-class learning approach.

We go beyond fresh ideas to ensure tangible change and measurable results. We fundamentally improve your learning approach and embed this into your culture.

Each solution is tailored to your industry and organisation’s needs. The change program will create your new learning culture that drives measurable business impact.

How you develop your skills becomes a competitive advantage that differentiates you from the competition.

The On Corporate Learning methodology is based on customer expectations of employees, subject matter experts and C-Level executives.

Delivery and scalability are secured through a global team of learning transformation experts with industry recognised track-records.

Start transforming your Corporate Learning to create business impact.