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Patrick Veenhoff is a passionate guest speaker on corporate learning innovation and gives inspired talks internationally. Because he shares his experiences, thoughts and opinions, he motivates the conference audience to engage. Patrick wants to challenge the status quo of corporate learning and transform it to a competitive advantage.

His previous engagements include being a conference speaker at iVentiv (Zürich & Basel), Colombia University (New York), and Docebo Inspire (Toronto) amongst others. Patrick also regularly facilitates & moderates workshops to co-create corporate learning innovations and lectures at Kaleidos Fachhochschule (Zürich). Together with his team at Swisscom Enterprise Customers, where he was responsible for Corporate L&D of 5000 employees, he was awarded with 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards/ «Best Use of Social/ Collaborative Learning», the 2018 Charles Jennings Awards for Excellence in 70:20:10 and the 2017 Learning Innovation Champion award for successfully implementing a disruptive social learning L&D approach.

Learning Innovation 2018: Patrick Veenhoff on succcesfully addressing Key-Challenges

Patrick is considered a motivational person and gets top performance feedback. He loves to engage and strives to be a good business motivational speaker. Contact Patrick to hire him as a your next professional speaker on Corporate Learning Disruption. Or, read more about his upcoming book: Corporate Learning Disrupted.

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Patrick Veenhoff is a Corporate Learning Disruptor. He aligns corporate L&D and business strategy for driving measurable business value. He is a triple award winner for successfully implementing a social/ collaborative corporate learning approach where 5000 employees teach and learn from each other for tomorrow.

Patrick Veenhoff

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  • Thu, Oct 24 3:00 pm – 6:15 pm: Kickstart HR & Corp Learning Event (Blocker)
    Hi All,

    I have found an ok big room at Colab – reserved from 5-8pm. Hence, we could open doors at 5pm and start at 5:30 – so we can also give them a tour of the Colab if interested.

    I will confirm this date, once I got the Ok from all of you. Still two missing.

    Best, Tim

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    This event has a video call.
    Join: https://meet.google.com/zct-uyvg-nvh
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