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Patrick Veenhoff is an EdTech StartUp Mentor that gets stuff done! He challenges your EdTech StartUp business model to get you ready for success.

Patrick has successfully disrupted corporate learning himself at Swisscom Enterprise Customers. Firstly, he successfully implemented a social/ collaborative learning approach for 5000 employees. Patrick and his team received 3 awards for this outstanding achievement. Secondly, Patrick was also involved in the 2017 EPFL EdTech Collidor and the 2018 Kickstart Accelerator EdTech programs.

Patrick shares his experiences through On Corporate Learning & LinkedIn. Through his book “Corporate Learning Disrupted: make learning & development your secret weapon“, he wants to enable faster corporate learning innovation.

Pascal Rosenberger (Eggheads); Patrick Veenhoff; Christian von Olnhausen (Teachy)

In Switzerland, there are currently 3 accelerator programs that are notable:

Patrick is involved with the first two as jury and mentor. Because of these EdTech StartUp programs he could launch 2 pilot projects at Swisscom Enterprise Customers. Today, Patrick proudly serves as EdTech Startup Mentor to both these startup companies Teachy and The Experience Accelerator.

Working Together

The way Patrick prefers to work as an EdTech StartUp Mentor is through open and direct communication. Often, initial startup funding is already secured at the point when he engages. With multiple fast iterations using user feedback, business model, value proposition and user experience is continuously enhanced. And when you are getting ready to pitch to potential (pilot) customers, Patrick will coach and guide you until you have signed the deal for a Proof of Concept (or more!).

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