EdTech Kickstart Accelerator 2018

After participating in the EdTech Kickstart Accelerator 2017 at EPFL as a jury member and mentor, I was excited to be part of the 2018 program again. During multiple weeks and rounds, we came to a selection of 15 Startups that could deliver a pitch to compete for 1 of the final eight available positions.

These accelerator programs and exchanges with startups are a great source of inspiration for me. At the same time, it is also an efficient way of doing market research: initially, 60 companies apply for entering the program, and each of them aims to be the next multi-million dollar success. It gives a good feeling of what general tendencies are. However, I also enjoy giving back to the community and sharing my insights with these startups. The energy they have to disrupt and make things move is just awesome.

I’m very much looking forward to doing a pilot with Teachy at Swisscom, where we have identified a different use case for their solution that will enable an employee to book an appointment with a subject matter expert in 30 seconds.

Below is the official press release:

The Kickstart Accelerator 2018 startups are selected! 30 promising tech companies from 12 countries will come to Zurich this fall to work together with Swiss corporations, universities, cities and foundations in order to drive deep technologies. Next to them, also 5 intrapreneur teams will participate in this year’s program – more than ever before.

Kickstart Accelerator has chosen 30 technology startups for its 2018 program. The companies will come to Zurich for seven weeks this autumn, where they will meet with Swiss corporations, cities, universities and foundations aiming at initiating successful innovation partnerships and joint pilot projects. No other program in Switzerland is bringing together as many established organizations with technology startups as Kickstart Accelerator.

The following startups participate in Kickstart Accelerator 2018:

EdTech & Learning

CodeAll (Poland) is a coding-platform that addresses people that want to get the first steps in programming in general and master the basics of programming and algorithmic, connecting software with sensory hardware in a similar way to Lego Robots.

Differ (Norway) brings your classes, study groups and professional networks closer together, so you can learn more, teach better and get things done with a little more fun – based on AI.

Gnowbe (Singapore) is a mobile micro-learning platform that enables enterprises to onboard and train employees more efficiently and effectively with over 60 clients in 17 countries.

Labster (Denmark) has developed revolutionary life-sciences (VR+ Desktop) simulations, customizing learning programs with the world’s leading universities and licensing globally, potential applications as well in leadership training.

Potential.ly (UK) is a skills-driven continuous-professional-development platform with smart career readiness features.

Sharing Academy (Spain) is a peer-to-peer tutoring marketplace that allows students to offer and to find peer tutoring classes from any course within his degree and university.

TEACHY (Switzerland) helps apprentices & pupils to increase their grades at school significantly by providing a completely new kind of personal or online 1-1 tutoring.

WriteReader (Denmark) is a global literacy platform that enables children (3-10 years) to become creators and authors by using 21st-century skills.