Developing the Learning Engineering Lab Concept

How do we create a data-driven, cognitively personalised and motivating learning experience that drives measurable business impact?

This question we asked ourselves during a 2-day workshop and came up with a pilot approach that we want to try out together with the business over the coming months. This pilot will validate the approach that shows where and how learning & development is the most effective to help achieve our targets. It will be the basis of creating the Learning Engineering Lab and support the continuous improvement of the ENT Academy.


The concept itself was developed by a broad skillset of people:

External Participants

  • Specialist in Multimedia Creation
  • Head of Science Lab, University of Zürich
  • Head of R&D coorpcademy
  • CEO, The Experience Accelerator

Swisscom Participants

  • Human Center Design Facilitator
  • Learning Stream Lead Sales & Services
  • Head of Experience Design and Marketing
  • Cognitive Learning Engineer
  • Ekaterina Molokova, Experience Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Architect
  • Partner Manager
  • Learning Content Editor

As the business was going through a reorganisation, the project would be developing slowly until August 2018 when the business was ready to start piloting this approach. Reason being a new organisation structure that was put in place in Q1 / Q2 of 2018.