Make Learning & Development your secret weapon

Available Q3 2019 – The first 100 registrations get a free copy!

Transforming corporate learning from a cost center towards a strategic business success enabler in tomorrow’s world: a complex challenge that Patrick Veenhoff and his team has successfully mastered. The world will never move as slow again as today. Due to digital disruption, globalisation and transparency of information these changes are happening faster every day. This profoundly challenges how we do business and how companies manage their skill development. Because of the speed at which this all happens requires corporate learning to be disrupted. Therefore Corporate Learning needs to be a competitive advantage that drives operational excellence, innovation and sales performance.

Corporate Learning Disrupted - make learning and development your secret weapon | Coming Q3 2019

Get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes and non-sugarcoated view to learn what it takes to drive such a corporate L&D transformation yourself. With hands-on, pragmatic tips that will help you to implement a more mature learning culture in your agile, digitalised company of tomorrow and beyond.

Corporate Learning needs to be a competitive advantage that drives operational excellence, innovation and sales performance. Corporate Learning needs to align with business strategy and proactively drive business value to enable that. However, that also requires employees to adopt a growth mindset and a digital learning culture. The book includes a foreword by Charles Jennings, co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute.


The typical audience is C-Level, Management Consultants, Head of Corporate Learning & Development and those who want to make a business impact through learning.


Currently, the book structure looks like this and is still subject to change:

1. The Need for Action
2. Driving Business Value –  The New L&D Vision
3. The new L&D Business Model and the Business Case
4. The Advantages for Your Company
5. Selling the vision
6. New L&D Operating Model
7. Transforming the L&D Team
8. Enabling A Learning Culture
9. Just do it: What Are The Success Factors?
10. “Corporate Learning Disrupted“ Cook Book


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The first 100 registrations will receive a free copy of my book “Corporate Learning Disrupted”.

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