Co-Creating the new L&D Vision

Driving significant change inside an organisation requires buy-in. Getting there means that you have to be able to speak at eye-level with critical decision-makers about the business issues they face. Not only the long-term strategy but even more what their daily operational struggles are. Learning inside an organisation is a cultural question above all else. You need to work with the people and get them to take ownership of driving that change. In that process, it is essential to understand why you are changing what, who is going to be the beneficiary and how can you make that transformation go as smooth as possible. With a co-creation approach, you are taking the first step in achieving that.

How to analyse your company

  • Digitalisation
  • Globalisation
  • Information Transparency and Speed
  • The Ageing Workfoce

How to co-create the future vision of L&D

What change management considerations there are

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