• Nadene Canning
    Nadene Canning Firestarter, Facilitator, Advisor, Author, Coach

    Nadene has worked in over 40 countries and managed both for-profit and non-profit
    enterprises, she’s an executive and personal leadership advisor, facilitator, trainer,
    speaker and professor. Her areas of expertise are: strategy, collaboration, agility, change, team-building, diversity, inclusion and cross-cultural competencies.


  • Kasper Spiro
    Kasper Spiro CEO - Easygenerator

    I’m Kasper Spiro, I have worked in education, performance management, content management, knowledge management and eLearning for over 30 years. I’m CEO of Easygenerator since 2010.


  • Patrick Veenhoff
    Patrick Veenhoff Corporate Learning Architect, Speaker and Mentor

    An accomplished, results-driven, multilingual Corporate Learning & Development Architect highly regarded for profoundly impacting business performance through the design and deployment of learning experience architectures for the reform, enhancement and advancement of organizational goals and objectives.


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