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The world will never move as slow again as today. Digital disruption, globalisation and transparency of information all contribute to change happening faster every day. This profoundly challenges how we do business and how companies manage their skill development. Because of the speed at which this all happens requires corporate learning to be disrupted. Therefore, Corporate Learning needs to be a competitive advantage that drives operational excellence, innovation and sales performance. Corporate Learning needs to align with business strategy and proactively drive business value to enable that. However, that also requires employees to adopt a growth mindset and a digital learning culture.

On Corporate Learning represents the personal thoughts, opinions and experiences of all authors. We seek the discussion with you to find ways to drive innovation in Corporate Learning and add measurable business value.

Patrick Veenhoff: founder of On Corporate Learning

Patrick Veenhoff knows what it takes to align Corporate Learning with business strategy. Corporate Learning can drive business value and it can be a competitive advantage. Disruptive approaches, such as the “AirBnB of Corporate Learning: The Social Learning Marketplace” can be ways in which companies can achieve that. Patrick acts as a guest speaker showcasing how he approached this daunting challenge.


Patrick Veenhoff aligns corporate L&D and business strategy for driving measurable business value. Patrick is an accomplished, results-driven, multilingual Corporate Learning & Development Disruptor. He is highly regarded for profoundly impacting business performance. Through the design and deployment of learning experience architectures, he reforms, enhances and advances organisational goals and objectives. Read more about Patrick on LinkedIn.

Selected Highlights
– 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards/ «Best Use of Social/ Collaborative Learning»
– 2018 Charles Jennings Awards for Excellence in 70:20:10
– 2017 Learning Innovation Champion
– Spearheaded innovative, disruptive, digitalized and agile approaches in corporate learning and development to enable stellar professional skill development of 5000 employees by transforming to a collaborative learning organisation and initiating the transformation of L&D at group level.
– Increased learner engagement from 200 to nearly 900 active learners per month, enabled employee generated content production of 200 trainings and increased L&D NPS by 10% all within 12 months through data analytics, customer-centric L&D architecture and experience design.
– Reduced onboarding time of new employees from 6 to 3 months through generic and role-specific blended learning onboarding paths.
– Reduced external training costs by more than 20% in 12 months while increasing productivity through improving the user experience, implementing smart governance approaches to create cost transparency allowing for smart sourcing.


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