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why on corporate learning

We are a change agent. We help you transform learning into business impact by implementing a world-class learning approach.

We go beyond fresh ideas to ensure tangible change and measurable results. We fundamentally improve your learning approach and embed this into your culture.

Each solution is tailored to your industry and organisation’s needs. The change program will create your new learning culture that drives measurable business impact.

How you develop your skills becomes a competitive advantage that differentiates you from the competition.

The On Corporate Learning methodology is based on customer expectations of employees, subject matter experts and C-Level executives.

Delivery and scalability are secured through a global team of learning transformation experts with industry recognised track-records.

Hello! I am Patrick Veenhoff

and I am the founder of On Corporate Learning: a place of passion for transforming Corporate Learning to create business impact and become a competitive advantage enabler.

Start your Corporate Learning transformation journey today. Read more about how we can facilitate and accelerate your transformation to business impact. We look forward to accelerate your journey together!

On Corporate Learning Highlights

  • Excellence in Learning Awards - Best Use of Social/Collaborative Learning (2018)
    Excellence in Learning Awards - Best Use of Social/Collaborative Learning (2018) Brandon Hall Group
  • Charles Jennings Award for Excellence in 70:20:10 (2018)
    Charles Jennings Award for Excellence in 70:20:10 (2018) Docebo Inspire
  • Learning Innovation Award (2017)
    Learning Innovation Award (2017) Docebo Inspire