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Agile learning is a mindset towards life and employability
Thoughts, experiences, opinions about corporate learning.
The AirBnB of Corporate Learning: a Social Learning Marketplace
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Thoughts, experiences, opinions about corporate learning.
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In 2017, Bersin by Deloitte did a research on learning organisation maturity and shareholder performance (High-Impact Learning Organisation). They found a +59% difference in three-year average share price and +107% difference in three-year average earnings per share between organisation with the lowest vs highest learning maturity. That in itself creates a strong case to review how learning

PodCast Interview Kevin Anselmo with Patrick Veenhoff Podcast: Play in new window | Download How do we get more colleagues to engage with L&D resources? This is a common concern facing L&D leaders. Swisscom, the major telecommunications provider in Switzerland, has been able to address such a question by encouraging employees to create training content. Patrick Veenhoff,Head of

Corporate Learning needs to learn how to transform itself from being a knowledge distributor to a competitive advantage enabler. The increasing speed, volume and uncertainness of skill changes that corporates are dealing with today already, demand a business-driven and learner centric approach that is continuously improved by data insights. Many speak about it, have great

Photo Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/VBe9zj-JHBs In a recent workshop I facilitated, a Senior management team needed to step away from daily business in order to give themselves the time to discuss and share ways of creating a common culture. Prior to bringing everyone together I interviewed each team member individually to better understand their respective responsibilities, get a

Introduction Today’s knowledge-intensive organizations rely heavily on an underlying wealth of knowledge to stay relevant in the business world. However, keeping up the knowledge currency to upskill the employees rapidly and sharing knowledge or passing it down to newer generations of employees is not always straightforward. In this context, we propose to implement an Employee-generated

One year ago, me and my team launched the “AirBnB of Corporate Learning: a Social Learning Marketplace” where employees learn and teach each other for tomorrow. Now, 5000 employees at Swisscom Enterprise Customers are the ones who decide, create and execute corporate learning. Content is developed either internally or sourced externally; same thing goes for


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