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Dedicated Learning Time is Vital for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

In the Deloitte report “Voice of the workforce in Switzerland“, a survey of 15.000 people in Europe of which 1000 in Switzerland, stated that they don’t have dedicated time for learning. How can we change this? The Challenge To create dedicated time for learning, there needs to be a significant driver to make the C-Suite

Corporate Learning Disrupted - make learning and development your secret weapon

Learn how to successfully disrupt and transform corporate learning to a competitive advantage through this social learning experience. Get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes and non-sugarcoated view to learn what it takes to drive such a transformation yourself. Hands-on, practical tips will help you to implement a more mature learning culture in your agile, digitalised company of


In discussion with a peer L&D leader about how to change social/ collaborative learning brings about a power shift in knowledge distribution, I found myself a little surprised by his belief. He was convinced companies should implement social learning so that there is a more balanced level of knowledge in the organisation. That should be the reason


In 2017, Bersin by Deloitte researched learning organisation maturity and shareholder performance (High-Impact Learning Organisation). They found a +59% difference in three-year average share price and +107% difference in three-year average earnings per share between an organisation with the lowest vs highest learning maturity. That in itself creates a strong case to review how learning & development


PodCast Interview Kevin Anselmo with Patrick Veenhoff Podcast: Play in new window | Download How do we get more colleagues to engage with L&D resources? This is a common concern facing L&D leaders. Swisscom, the major telecommunications provider in Switzerland, has been able to address such a question by encouraging employees to create training content. Patrick Veenhoff,Head of


Corporate learning needs to learn how to transform itself from being a knowledge distributor to a competitive advantage enabler. The increasing speed, volume and uncertainness of skill changes that corporates are dealing with today already, demand a business-driven and learner-centric approach that is continuously improved by data insights. Many speak about it, have great ideas,

On Corporate Learning Highlights

  • Excellence in Learning Awards - Best Use of Social/Collaborative Learning (2018)
    Excellence in Learning Awards - Best Use of Social/Collaborative Learning (2018) Brandon Hall Group
  • Charles Jennings Award for Excellence in 70:20:10 (2018)
    Charles Jennings Award for Excellence in 70:20:10 (2018) Docebo Inspire
  • Learning Innovation Award (2017)
    Learning Innovation Award (2017) Docebo Inspire

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